Nest Home Collections is excited to announce the hiring of a VP of sales, Namil Shin.

Namil is a veteran of the industry and will help us to bridge the gap between style and price so we are able to offer unique, approachable and friendly products at affordable prices.

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Nest Is...

A place where concept meets innovative style. The home of Beautiful. Distinct. Inspired. Furniture. We are the proud brand ambassadors of our global label, bringing international trends into homes everywhere.

Our Story



We've got a lot to talk about...from trips to exotic factories to expanding our team to better serve an exciting burgeoning demand, to hand selecting the finest reclaimed woods and materials in order to construct stunning pieces for every style home.

This is our everyday mission to enhance homes with meaningful accents and signature pieces heightening individual flair.

We're preparing to go to High Point market, but get ready! We'll have loads of new designs and the freshest, edgiest, most on-trend styles captivating the marketplace to share soon.

Can you tell we love what we do?

It's all in the name of transforming living spaces into unique places, into the embodiment of personal interior fashion.

Meet the Team

Joni Olson


Namil Shin