The Nest Home Collections Door Story

Our factory is 1 million square feet, and rests in a rural farming community 4 hours outside of Beijing, China. All the locals know that we buy as many old doors as they can bring to us, so all day, every day, there is a steady stream of people coming into the factory to drop off old doors. Some have only 2 sets on the back of a wagon pulled by a bicycle. Others arrive on the back of a small, old, flatbed truck as a set of 10-12 sets of doors.

Some of the doors have the hardware removed and are turned into new dining tables, desks or bookcases.  Some are shipped as they are for customers to use as art or decor, a room divider, or to make into something completely different.

The doors can be very plain and without adornment; these are from a more modest house or area. Others are embellished with heavy iron hardware - a sure sign of wealth or origins as a much larger, more impressive front gate structure. They can be any color of the rainbow: red, black, natural, yellow, but they have all mellowed with age as they have stood the test of time and elements. These doors can often be traced back hundreds of years.

All are one of a kind, which is what makes Nest products so special and unique; textures and depth that only come with age. 

Created and aged in nature, refined by very human hands.